New in Fuel and Energy Sector Regulation in Russia and the World in April–June 2018

29 august 2018

Improving the energy efficiency of the Russian economy, the "road map" for the implementation of "Energynet", clarifying the requirements for heat supply schemes, the procedure for their development and updating – these and other topics were included in the new edition of the review of fuel and energy sector regulation in Russia and the world, prepared on the results of the second quarter of 2018.

The review includes an analysis of the new rules for the Russian electric power industry – a change in the procedure for establishing and applying marketing surcharges of guaranteeing suppliers and changes in connection with the extension of the functioning specific features of wholesale and retail markets, as well as clarifying the procedure for considering disagreements in coordination and approval of heat supply schemes.

The experts analyzed the planned changes in the Russian fuel and energy complex – an increase in the minimum value of petroleum products sold on the exchange, technological indicators of the best available technologies and licensing of energy sales activities.

On the international market, the attention of experts was attracted by the transition to renewable energy sources by 2030 in Austria, the new legislation in gas production in Angola, the promotion of energy efficiency in buildings used in the EU, the reform of the Israeli electricity industry, and the US sanctions against Iran.

The review still has a special section analyzing the international sanctions against the Russian energy sector.

For more details, see the review "Changes and Trends in Regulating the Fuel and Energy Sector in Russia and the World: Focus on Q2 2018".

As per tradition, the EY Moscow Oil & Gas Center took part in preparing the review.

For other editions of the review see Publications section.