Russians may change to electronic labor books as early as 2020

28 august 2018

The Project Office for Implementation of Digital Economy program supports the business community's proposal on earlier transition to electronic labor books — in 2020 instead of 2027.

"We support the legislative initiative of the Ministry of Labor of Russia related to transition to electronic labor books. However, we consider too conservative the proposal of our colleagues to accomplish transition to labor books in the year 2027," said the Head of Project Office for Implementation of Digital Economy program of the Analytical Center Vladimir Mesropyan. "In the modern conditions, it is possible to introduce electronic labor books with minimum risks much quicker, according to the business community's proposal. It is necessary to accomplish the full transition by the year 2020."

Electronic books will contain information on an employee's education, information on hiring, transfers, employment termination, awards, as well as the Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account (SNILS).

It should be recalled that, according to the draft law proposed by the Ministry of Labor, employers must cease keeping paper versions of labor books and return them to employees from the year 2027. From the year 2020, employees may individually withdraw from maintenance of paper books by writing a written application. From that time, employers will start providing information on employee labor activities to the Pension Fund in online mode. From the year 2021, employers, with the employee consent, may receive information on them through the Unified Public Services Portal.

As reported by RNS