The Analytical Center completes a survey of entrepreneurs about the level of administrative load

31 july 2018

By 2025, the administrative load on entrepreneurs should decrease by 50%. The result is targeted by the program "Reform of oversight and supervision". What is the program implementation progress and how realistic is the target?

The Analytical Center monitors the situation, which includes using such an important sociological tool as surveys. Thus, the survey of business representatives on the administrative load is to be completed in a week. As far back as December 2017, a base level of administrative load was determined. By November 2018, provisional findings should be estimated.

In 2017, the key problems identified by business included frequent changes of the law, excessive mandatory reporting, overlaps and required documentation and requests from oversight and supervision authorities, emphasis on punishment for violations rather than prevention of violations, paper document processing. Excessive amounts of time and money businesses have to spend most often were attributed to the need to keep track of changes of the law, update software, change report forms, buy sundry certificates required by various organizations, the time spent on traveling to get the requisite signatures and stamps for mandatory reports, the need to have large number of employees working to prepare documents for audits.

Along with restricted access to financing, economic instability, high taxes on business, infrastructure problems (leasing premises or land, high utility prices etc.), high level of competition, the administrative load is regarded by business as a serious barrier holding companies back.

In November 2018, provisional results and the effect of the program "Reform of oversight and supervision" are to be determined.

It is expected that the administrative load reduction should be recorded on organizations and individuals engaged in business, thus improving the conditions of doing business in the country and generally having a positive effect on the business community.

The Analytical Center is home to the project management office of the program "Reform of oversight and supervision".

Photo: from open sources