Specific fuel consumption in the power sector decreases year on year

4 july 2018

The Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Energy of Russia held a round table on "Stimulating the Reduction of Fuel Consumption in the Production of Electricity and Heat and Losses during their Transmission".

The event was held as part of the implementation of paragraphs 10 and 13 of the integrated action plan to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian Federation approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 19, 2018 No. 703-р.

"The Analytical Center is engaged in implementing of the action plan, therefore today it is important for us to gather opinions on the items being implemented," said Alexander Kurdin, Head of Research at the Analytical Center's Department for Fuel and Energy Sector. The expert noted that paragraph 10 of the integrated plan involves conducting an analysis and preparing proposals to stimulate the reduction of the actual level of process losses during transportation of heat, heat transfer agent and water. Particular attention is paid to determining fuel consumption rates in the production of electricity and heat and determining the norms for process losses of thermal energy and heat transfer agent through heat networks. Paragraph 13 refers to stimulating the reduction of specific fuel consumption in the production of power and heat.

"The Ministry of Energy of Russia, together with the expert community and a number of federal agencies, by year-end should prepare a draft Federal Law with a number of by-laws, which will be aimed at reducing specific fuel consumption. In other words, we should start a new round of work in this direction," said Pyotr Bobylev, the Deputy Head of the Department of Operational Control and Management in the Power Sector of the Ministry of Energy of Russia. According to the deputy head, this work has been done systematically and progressively for a long time but under one vector of development. It should be noted that specific fuel consumption in the power sector decreases year on year. "There is a certain decline across the country, and there are many reasons for this. The owners themselves have begun to pay special attention to this matter," said Bobylev. - If we make a summary, now in general in the power sector in Russia we burn less than in 2010, for example". The expert noted that in this area of work Russia is still far behind Belarus but ahead of Kazakhstan.

Bobylev also talked about the transition to the method of standards. "Standards will set a certain level and will not only become a guide but a basis for the calculation of the necessary gross revenue," explained the expert. On the issue of standards, the opinions of the Ministry of Energy of Russia are divided, the expert noted. "Someone thinks that the standards will have a positive impact on the development of the industry, while others think that they are not necessary, since downward dynamics are already being observed,"- said Bobylev.

Concluding his speech, the Deputy Head noted that the main task of the Ministry is not to disturb but to improve the situation, therefore all the changes will be discussed and implemented based on sources of financing, capacity balances and equipment composition.