Experts discuss statistical recording of IT service export

2 july 2018

The Analytical Center held an expert meeting "Statistical Recording of IT Service Export: Survey of Russian Methodologies and Development of Proposals on Their Consolidation".

During the meeting experts discussed the methods currently in use in Russia to keep track of IT service export and specifically those used by the Bank of Russia, the Federal State Statistics Service and NP RUSSOFT.

The Bank of Russia keeps track of the development and implementation of software, documentation for custom software, payments for off-the-shelf software delivered electronically, payments for software licenses offered without the right to reproduce and distribute the software. In addition, the Bank of Russia's statistics include data processing, creation, restoration and storage of data on servers, storage and processing of databases, development, design and hosting of web pages on servers, installation, repairs and maintenance of computing equipment, peripherals and software, provision of consultancy services.

The Federal State Statistics Service keeps track of consultancy services related to the installation of computer equipment, installation of software, data processing, databases and other computer services. For example, professional services involving the use of digital keys and digital signatures and services involving the maintenance and repairs of computer and office equipment.

As for NP RUSSOFT, this organization tries to keep track of all foreign sales (total revenue) of Russian software companies as well as sales of software, equipment (terminals, simulators, etc.) sales of advertising and other revenue from business activities.

Analytical Center expert Ksenia Sukhorukova talked about some problems with the statistical methods currently in use: "Unlike NP Russoft the Bank of Russia does not keep track of the revenue from sales of equipment and advertising, however, in some cases, the price of installed software is included in the price of equipment. Neither do they take into account payments that are not included in the reports of financial organizations and when small companies sell software through aggregators, there is no information about who the buyer is."

In conclusion the experts made recommendations for how best to adjust the statistical methods in use today to create a standardized statistical recording system.