The Analytical Center is to assess the administrative burden on business

6 june 2018

Between May 15 and July 31, the Analytical Center and the Federal Protection Service conduct a joint survey of entrepreneurs to find out the level of administrative burden on business.

It is expected that the survey will involve over 6,000 entrepreneurs representing small, medium and large businesses from across Russia. They will be asked to rate their interactions with 16 regulatory authorities implementing the reform of means of control and supervision.

Reducing the administrative burden on business is one of the key performance indicators of the reform. In December 2017, as part of the efforts to assess the quality of the reform implementation, the findings of assessment of the base level of the administrative burden were presented. What makes the administrative burden assessment methodology unique is that it has been agreed by all the parties involved, the experts stress.

"Conducting a survey allows us to quickly identify all the most acute problems that businesses run into when supervision authorities audit them," said Analytical Center expert Viktoria Lizunova. "The base level administrative burden assessment found that the main reasons for excessive administrative burden on business were frequent amendments to the relevant laws and regulations, excessive mandatory reporting requirements, significant overlap in the kinds of documents and reports required by different regulatory authorities, focus by many regulatory authorities on subsequent punishment rather than on preventing violations, excessive use of paper document flow and contradictions between federal, regional and municipal requirements."

The survey will also help make recommendations for government authorities tasked with control and supervision functions, the Analytical Center experts are convinced. Summarizing the results of the base level assessment, it has already been recommended to develop simple and easy-to-understand instructions for control and supervision procedures, to publish all relevant reference information in a single on-line account, to introduce the remote submission of reports, to reduce the number of mandatory reports, and to change the focus of control and supervision authorities on preventing violations rather than punishing business.