The BRICS nations have common goals that require more coordination

28 may 2018

"There is quite a bit of difference of opinion regarding the sustainable development of the BRICS countries: they are all very different, plus under the UN agreement, all countries themselves determine their own path of development," said chief advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev speaking at a round table titled BRICS in the Changing World: Expert View.

May 28-31 Johannesburg will be hosting the 10th anniversary BRICS Academic Forum. The expert community conference traditionally is held before the annual BRICS summit, which this year will also be taking place in Johannesburg on July 25-27. Experts meet before the summit to come up with joint recommendations on how to develop and improve BRICS. It was these recommendations that were discussed at the round table.

Commenting on the priorities for the BRICS nations given the ever more complicated situation on the international stage, Mr. Grigoriev noted that when we talk about the differences between these countries, it is not just the differences between their geopolitical interests that are being discussed and that are often at cross-purposes like those of India and China or South Africa, which bills itself as the ambassador for the entire Africa and backs this agenda. The thing is that the BRICS countries are at different stages of economic development, thus, South Africa and India are at the industrial stage (and India also has a vibrant services sector), while China, Brazil and Russia are making the transition to a post-industrial economy.

"The BRICS countries have different development levels, different problems but at the same time they all need infrastructure and investments realy bad," Mr. Grigoriev believes. The expert is of the opinion that the main goal now is to understand how these nations can join forces to use the existing opportunities in education and innovation. This requires more coordination in investment, trade and education policies. In the future, closer ties should be promoted between research organizations. It is important to bring back people that got an education in Europe and some BRICS countries do not have the requisite conditions for that, but Russia does. The problem of inequality also needs addressing.

A video recording of the event can be found on the website of Russia Today.

Photo: Russia Today