New Fuel and Energy Sector Regulations in Russia and the World in Jan-Mar 2018

16 may 2018

The implementation of the law on alternative boiler rooms, the practical aspects of the use of the tax on the additional revenue from the exaction of hydrocarbons, improvements in the procedure for connecting consumers to natural gas distribution networks, the creation of testing grounds to promote the extraction of hard-to-get-to deposits - these are some of the issues covered in the new review of regulations in the fuel and energy sector in Russia and around the world for Q1 2018.

The experts analyzed the planned amendments to the regulations governing the Russian fuel and energy sector: the transition to market pricing and the creation of a competitive environment, promotion of modernization of the electric power facilities in isolated areas and the mechanism of getting payment for unused capacity, plans to modernize the fuel and energy system, the latest technological developments for extracting natural resources from shelf deposits and other issues.

The international section of the review looks at the UK and its long term environmental protection goals, the Netherlands and their plans to stop extracting gas in Groningen, Poland and its efforts to promote electric vehicles and alternative fuels and last but not least the USA and its new regulations for energy storage in the wholesale market.

There is also a special section devoted to the analysis of the international sanctions against the energy sector of Russia, in which the experts note that Q1 2018 saw a significant increase in the geopolitical tensions in the relations between Russia and the West. However, there was not that much news about sanctions, especially with regards to the Russian energy sector.

For more details, see the review Changes and Trends in Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Sector in Russia and the World: Focus on Q1 2018.

The EY Moscow Oil & Gas Center has traditionally taken an active part in preparing the Review.

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