The risks of digitization should not only be taken into account but also minimized

7 may 2018

"The existing regulations are lagging behind the changes wrought in education by the digital revolution, increasing use of artificial intelligence, robotics and smart systems," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the 8th International Conference on Legal Regulation in the Digital World that looked at the theory and practice of law as it applies to information systems.

Ms Karakchieva is of the opinion that digital technologies are creating new opportunities that result in the need to update education, however, they are also bringing with them new risks that should not only be taken into account but also minimized. "One such trap is that the transformation of the education infrastructure that we are seeing right now is happening in a legal vacuum. The constant attempts to introduce total digital regulations through digital document processing and mass deployment of digital educational resources while expanding the uses of personal data indicate that the technological challenges associated with digitization are destroying the existing methods and approaches, completely revamping the hierarchy of legal regulations," the expert believes.

According to the analysts there is a whole list of issues that still need addressing: these range from terminology to the personal rights to the protection of personal data when human development trajectories become personalized (storage of personal data, its transmission etc.). Different countries use different approaches to tackle these issues: some create individual ratings for every citizen while others build digital portraits of their people.

At the moment the fact that we lack any projected estimates for what changes are to be expected in education during the digitization results in a situation where we are essentially responding to changes rather than leading them. "The paradox of the current situation is that the tools that we have for strategic breakthrough development are regulated by old management and control standards," Ms Karakchieva said in conclusion.

Photo: from open sources