Accurate Statistics is Required for the Labour Market Assessment

7 may 2018

"An important aspect for the modern labour market is non-standard employment (outsourcing, freelance, flexible schedule, etc.) which gets widespread due to development of digital platforms connecting an employer and an employee", Sophya Myakisheva, an expert of the Analytical Center said during the round table "Labour Market and Digital Future. How to Prepare for the Inevitable?".

The statistics of self-employed people in Russia shows miserable figures. This fact has an important financial component: short-received funds for the budget from self-employed people and a high tax burden for those who work under a standard labour contract and make tax deductions.

According to Myakisheva, to forecast labour market development, it is important to accurately assess its current state. Now there are practically no relevant statistical data to determine the scale of non-standard employment in Russia related to economy digitalization and platformization. This may be used as a starting point for further discussions about improvement of statistical recording methods for individuals engaged in the sphere of non-standard employment, including on the basis of digital platforms, the expert thinks.

The issue of estimation of the current state of labour market and the challenges and prospects associated with the trend of digitalization, green and silver economics and globalization in general is examined as part of the Future of Work initiative proposed by the International Labour Organization (ILO).