An Academic Mobility Project is Being Prepared for Higher Education

28 april 2018

"The academic mobility project is a comprehensive systemic plan," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at a round table on the key aspects of cooperation between universities, business and government to help students take advantage of the academic mobility mechanism.

According to the expert, this project creates a direct link between what kind of skilled labor employers want and improvements in the quality of education. In addition to these clear advantages the academic mobility project also plays a prominent social role in that it guarantees accessibility and quality of higher education, Mr. Karakchieva believes.

At the same time, there is the issue of whether the competition between universities to attract more students should be regulated. According to the expert, it can be assumed that universities are operating under the conditions of free competition. However, as pure competition is an abstract notion it can only be regarded as a standard for the provision of higher education services in a situation where the state dominates in the market, setting education goals and allocating state-financed openings. In this situation, there is a clear importance of the development of a mechanism of free competition between universities for students.

"It should be noted that as we work on the academic mobility project, it's vital that we consider implementing three possible management models: mobility within universities, mobility between universities and total academic mobility, taking into account the possibility for inclusion of international systems into our higher education," Mr. Karakchieva noted.