Business Uses New Tools for Purchases

28 april 2018

"Unlike the public sector, corporations are using a greater variety of tools in their purchasing operations that allow them to improve the awareness of what's going on among all the participants, boost the efficiency of the purchasing function, reduce purchasing time, while keeping all the processes transparent and creating opportunities for the expansion of competition," said Analytical Center expert Pavel Tikhomirov, speaking at the 14th Russian National Exhibition Forum for Fair Purchases in State Procurement.

According to Mr. Tikhomirov, these include such tools as company's own official purchasing website, some authority dealing with out of court settlements of procurement disputes, a simplified procedure for making small purchases through an e-store etc.  

The expert stressed that the new selection criteria being proposed and introduced by corporations such as audits to establish that suppliers have the requisite production capacity, steps to eliminate the root causes of quality non-conformances etc. were a consequence of expansion of their business and their entering international markets with stricter requirements for integrated construction projects from their customers (primarily foreign ones).

The presentation was given at the section on corporate purchases under federal law No. 223-FZ dated July 18, 2011. Pavel Tikhomirov moderated the section that featured demonstrations of the best procurement practices, discussions about the changes in federal law 223-FZ, presentations of new trends in the development of procurement systems used by major corporations, an overview of the approaches to using modern Internet technologies such as block chain in procurement.

Photo: from open sources