Implementation of the Monitoring and Supervision Activities Reform Declared Successful

27 april 2018

At the meeting of the Project Committee for the Monitoring and Supervision Activities Reform, the results of its implementation in 2017 were summed up officially.

"Of 61 control points planned for 2017, 52 have been performed, the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov reported at the meeting. The most important are introducing check lists for business audits, creating the system of monitoring and supervision activities effectiveness and efficiency lists in supervisory authorities, and classifying the objects according to risk categories in 19 types of control."

The number of audits planned for 2018 has been reduced by 8% due to the introduction of the risk-oriented approach by 2017. As a result, 60% of controlled entities were classified as low-risk, they will not be subject to planned audits. At the same time, 3.75% of the companies were classified as extremely high and high risk and they will undergo annual scheduled audits.

Also, final figures of reduction in mortality due to risks controlled by supervisory authorities have been published: there were 182 thousand of deaths in 2015 and 156 thousand in 2017. Almost 26 thousand of saved lives is one of the most important results of the monitoring and supervision activities reform which has been implemented since December 2016. The level of material damage from different accidents was reduced by 15 million rubles as compared with the indicators for 2015.

At the meeting of the Project Committee, among other issues, the passports of two projects implemented as part of the state monitoring reform were approved. They are related to introducing effective personnel policy mechanisms in supervisory authorities and a corrupt practices prevention system in monitoring and supervision activities. The Project Committee has also considered the passport of the priority project ‘Improving the Quality of Monitoring and Supervision at the Regional and Municipal Levels.’

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