Breakthrough Educational Models Have To Be Formed

26 april 2018

The Analytical Center was an intellectual partner of the Moscow International Education Fair 2018 where it organized two discussion platforms – "Freedom of Choice in Education" and "Technological Breakthrough and Education". The discussions were moderated by an expert of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva.

"Today, the freedom of choice in education is a key issue because it is connected both with the person's choice of own path of life and with the institutions of governance that form these opportunities," said Ms. Karakchieva. "The educational law and economy were largely formed under conditions of unipolarity of the educational space. It's time to go beyond the management of individual institutions, no matter how important they are in themselves."

According to Ms. Karakchieva, freedom of choice under the conditions of multipolarity becomes an objective necessity; self-determination and self-realization are impossible without it. Therefore, a key guide for the national development is the expansion of opportunities for everyone, which contributes to the formation of a strong nation.

The transition from unified forms to the personification of education is predetermined, inter alia, by the introduction of intellectual systems related to digital technologies in the educational process, the expert believes. Open education is developing, where the freedom of choice is related to the opportunities of forming own system taking into account personal characteristics, instead of adapting to the existing one. At the same time, the issues of the competence of the choice (the ability to form it), the low level of trust in the management institutions, the flexibility of the management system, etc. remain unresolved.

"The changes require a systematic analysis of educational policy and the formation of end-to-end management systems," concluded Ms. Karakchieva.

Delivering speech at the platform "Technological Breakthrough and Education", she noted such innovations as the transformation of reality, the merging of online and offline education, the intertwining of the individual and global. The transition to the intellectual-digital type of civilization requires a radical change in all aspects of society, including education, the expert believes.

According to Ms. Karakchieva, the accelerated pace of the formation of new technologies, the creation of innovative products and services and the creation of new markets puts other goals and objectives for the education system, determining the need for breakthrough educational models.

Today, a new type of education is just beginning to form, and this circumstance predetermines the need for institutional reforms. However, the incompleteness of previous reform processes and the inability to effectively implement the planned measures led to an aggravation of the crisis.

"In these conditions, we can state that the technological breakthrough predetermines the planned changes in the educational sphere. Technological inclination in education provides both the benefits and a number of risks, including social risks," the expert summed up.

Photo: from open sources