Students Get Imbued with the Project Olympus Spirit

24 april 2018

The Analytical Center has hosted the finals of the first student project management olympiad Quasar. The contents allowed high senior students from Russian and CIS universities to test their project management skills and knowledge.

"The contest ended up being quite impressive with a huge number of participants. We're happy to see that because project management is a very important skill for the future," Konstantin Noskov, the Head of the Analytical Center and chair of the organizational committee, said in his welcome address. "I know a lot of successful people and I can see that the vast majority of them use project management principles both in business and in life, even those of them that don't have any project management certificates and diplomas. You've already been imbued with the spirit and ideology of project management and that is already a big win for you and ultimately your most valuable reward."

The finals were held in the form of a business game. 14 teams vied for first place; these had been selected by the jury during the selection stage (a total of 300 teams took part in the competition). The assignment for the competing teams was to organize the construction of an automobile race track.

All the teams were brimming with enthusiasm, it wasn't an easy competition and the students had to tap all their knowledge and talent to try and get ahead. It was the united team of the Moscow State Technical University of Road Infrastructure and Kemerovo State University that won in the end. The laureates included the teams of Saint Petersburg State Economic University, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Samara State Technical University, Southern Urals State University, P. Demidov Yaroslavl State University, Tumen Industrial University.

Some teams received invitations to training from representatives of major companies – Rosatom and Aeroexpress. Four participants were invited by OEZ Alabuga representative for a job interview with the prospect of a permanent job.

All the laureates got basic level PM Standard certificates and are going to be entered in the Russian registry of certified project management specialists.

The Olympiad was organized by the Center for the Assessment and Development of Project Management in conjunction with the Analytical Center and with the support of the Project Olympus project management contest and Head Hunter. The jury included leading Russian experts in project management.