A Universal Public Transport Payment System will Unite the Expert Community

23 april 2018

"Two years ago we started working on a concept for the new generation of information systems for public transport," said Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Igor Ivanov, speaking at the Saint Petersburg digital forum. "What we started working on back then is still very much relevant today and can potentially revolutionize public transport."

According to the expert, preparations have begun to amending federal law 220. Among them - the formation of a conceptual framework and functional requirements for the system, approval of the organizational scheme of interaction of participants of the process. Amendments are being considered to other regulations as well.

What's the ideology behind the universal public transport payment system? According to the expert, the backbone of the system is a cloud service. It is not just one information system but rather a single information space comprising multiple segments: federal, regional and municipal information systems operating according to common standards of interaction. Passengers, carriers, regulators and financial companies are connected to this single cloud service.

However, one of the most important problems at the moment is how the whole system is to be regulated legally. Igor Ivanov talked in detail about the problems in this field and ways to tackle them.

"The project to deploy a national public transport payment system in Russia is a very complex and challenging task. The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation is bringing together a community of experts to make sure that no detail goes unaccounted for and the interests of all stakeholder groups are taken into account. In the meantime, three pilot regions are being selected to trial the concept. Together we will be able to tackle this global task," the expert said, ending his presentation.

Photo: from open sources