The Federal Statistics Service is the leader in the number of published open data sets

16 april 2018

Analytical Center experts have analyzed the publication of open data by executive authorities using the information found on the Open Data Portal of the Russian Federation as of early April 2018. Executive authorities were rated using a methodology developed by the Analytical Center.

Several trends were identified during the analysis. First, the total number of views exceeded 3.8 million, while the number of donwloads went over 147,000. Second, 72.7% of the federal sets need data file version updates. There are a total of 6,207 federal data sets but only 1,693 of them are up to date. As for the increase in new sets, it was 1,117. Meanwhile on average one data provider has 85 data sets on the portal (in 2015 one data provider had 28 sets, in Q4 2016 it was 63 and in Q4 2017 it was 70). This trend demonstrates sustained growth in publications at the level of constituent entities, the analysts conclude.

In the entire period that was reviewed, the Federal Statistics Service published the largest amount of data sets. The federal executive authorities that were in the 2nd to 4th places in Q4 2017 managed to remain in the top 5 in the first reporting period of 2018. These are the Ministry for Economic Development, the Federal Roads Service and the Federal Tourism Service.

The demand for data sets, estimated through the total number of downloads, showed that the top three publishers on this metric are: The Federal Agricultural Supervision Service, the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Statistics Service. The experts pointed out that the Federal Agricultural Supervision Service went from the second to the first place, the difference in the number of downloads between Q1 2018 and Q4 2017 was over 1,000 downloads. It should also be noted that only 19 federal executive bodies had all of their data sets downloaded. "In Q1 2018, 4 federal executive body saw downloads of more than half of their up to date data sets. There were some significant changes in the top 10 publishers in terms of the share of up-to-date data set downloads. The Russian Finance Ministry is in the 1st place, while back in Q4 2017 it was in the 10th place. On the whole, the share of up-to-date data set downloads published by federal executive bodies has declined," the analysts write in their review.

Comparing the publication activity and the demand for various data sets the analysts found that publishers that publish the largest amount of data sets do not always rate high in terms of the demand for their data. Out of the top 10 publishers in terms of the number of published sets only the Russian Finance Ministry made it into the top 10 of the most wanted data sets, as in Q4 2017.

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