The State is Working Hard to Create a Digital Economy

12 march 2018

The Analytical Center has hosted the Information and Analysis Tools in Public Administration Conference. It was the final event of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest.

"Today the main policy document for the public authorities is the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation," those were the words used by the chairman of the contest jury, head of the Department for Information Technologies and Communications of the Government of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Fedulov to open the plenary meeting. "In order to achieve its goals we need to ensure total access to the Internet."

Vladislav Fedulov talked about the main trends in the state policy of digitization, which the government is currently looking into. "We are very curious about cryptocurrency mining but at the same time we are treating it with utmost caution," he said. "It is a complex and interesting issue but we need to study all the risks involved before proper regulations can be developed."

According to Mr. Fedulov, import substitution and total digitization of the public sector remain important policy trends. The government is also working on an organizational structure and regulations for big data management.

Deputy head of the Federal Treasury Alexander Albychev said that his organization was working to create new data analytics systems to analyze the vast arrays of information of the databases of the treasury.

"The trends in the development of information and analysis tools are obvious and tangible," believes deputy head of the Federal Statistics Service Konstantin Laikam. "If the new software products had not appeared in the market in recent years we would not have been able to carry out modern statistical research." Mr. Laikam also said that on the instructions of the government the Federal Statistics Service was creating a national data management system and carrying out a huge amount of work to create a national reporting platform.

The head of the Project Management Department of the Ministry for Economic Development Zoya Victorova talked about the creation of industry analytic platforms. According to her, it's going to be not just new IT tools but an entire transformation of the businesses processes that new regulations would have to be developed for. Studies are being carried out at the moment, Ms. Victorova stressed.

The chairman of the Committee for Digitization and Communications of Saint Petersburg Denis Chamara talked about his city's unique experience in developing a software system called Safe City. According to him, automation foundations have already been laid in healthcare and education and the basic ideology behind digitization aims to improve the wellbeing of each specific person.

Deputy head of the Analytical Center Vladimir Mesropyan talked about the work of the project management office for the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program established at the Analytical Center. "The current action plans take into account all the trends mentioned by the speakers here," he noted.

The international experience in governments using analysis tools was presented to the conference by the deputy CEO of SAP CIS Dmitry Shepelyaviy.

The plenary session ended with an award ceremony for the winners of the contest and a presentation of the projects submitted to the contest.