Education and science are increasingly making use of open data

6 march 2018

There is growing interest in the system of education and science in Russia and abroad, which is easy to explain," said the Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking on the topic of "Education" within the agenda of International Open Data Day.

According to Ms Karakchieva, the fifth wave of science and technology, gaining momentum and based on the transition from a model of uninterrupted education to the one of digital personalization, is determining further development of open data's role in the system of education and science.

The expert believes that as rapid development is taking place in multifunctional platforms for interaction between interested users of open data in the sphere of education and science, serious attention should be given to the integration of domestic digital platforms.

However, Ms Karakchieva notes that while at present the system of open data encompasses formal education alone, the role of non-formal and informal education in a person's life is only increasing.  The one-sidedness of assessments made by a wide range of users is particularly dangerous in regard to education, as it affects the interests of society, causing unwarranted fuss, speculation on the basis of false (incomplete) data and an increase in social tension.

On the subject of the undeniable advantages of development in open data systems, the expert emphasized that it is important to talk about the possible risks. Aiming to provide citizens and organizations with access to public information inevitably raises the question not only of availability, but also of the quality of open data, its completeness and comprehensibility, i.e. the level of responsibility.  Security of open data is another topic for discussion, which becomes particularly relevant in the transition to a digital personalized trajectory of human development.

"In general, the question of the development of open data in the system of education and science is multifaceted, touching on practically all spheres of a person's life, and requires not only careful attention, but also the formulation of strategic directions for development," concluded Ms Karakchieva.