Ulyanovsk Region Has Entered a New Stage of Investment Policy Development

28 february 2018

"I want to emphasize the leadership position occupied by the Ulyanovsk Region in the last decade," said Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the Second Economic Forum in the Ulyanovsk Region.

"In 2012, the region ranked first according to the Doing Business index. In 2017, when Doing Business transformed into the investment attractiveness rating, the region was ranked 10th. In the RIA rating for scientific and technological development, the region ranks 11th. These are excellent indicators that are associated with a consistent policy in the formation of development institutions," emphasized Mr. Pryadilnikov.

Commenting on the investment message of the governor Sergey Morozov, in which the head of the region identified the main points of relations with investors and indicated the areas for further development, Mr. Pryadilnikov noted that it is a comprehensive rather than technical document affecting all aspects of activities both of the business and the population.

"The message dealt with developing new forms of support for entrepreneurs, the scientific and technical base, human capital, as well as comfortable living conditions for citizens. This is very important because it shows that the region has entered a new stage in the investment policy development. In the early 2000s, they talked about benefits, now we are talking about comfortable housing, about how to attract intelligent human resources so that they do not leave the Ulyanovsk Region," said Mikhail Pryadilnikov. The development institutions existing in the region differ from those in neighboring constituent entities. At a forum in Sochi, Governor Sergey Morozov signed an investment agreement with a Danish company, and I asked a Danish colleague what attracted them in the Ulyanovsk Region. He said: the team. The team works for the region, for its residents, and this is visible to investors, both domestic and foreign."

According to Mr. Pryadilnikov, the Ulyanovsk Region was among the innovators of reforming the control and supervisory activities, and the most successful initiatives were taken to the federal level.

A project office for implementing the reform of control and supervision activities is functioning on the premises of the Analytical Center. The federal priority project on reforming the control and supervision activities has been implemented for more than a year. The project is aimed at reducing the administrative burden on the business and reducing risks for the population, especially injury rate and property damage. The program is implemented in eight areas, and the roadmaps are ready.