Russian startups want to be part of the digital economy

27 february 2018

Representatives of startups and private venture capital funds have asked to be included in the work on the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program. That was the topic of the meeting with the First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Russian Government Maxim Akimov, which took place in Skolkovo last week.

The startup representatives talked about the problems they run into when setting up and growing their businesses. One such problem is that small businesses are often simply unable to participate in digitization projects which from the very start are designed to be implemented by big companies. One of the topics under discussion was big data for the digital economy and how to regulate and work with it.

One of the problems which were mentioned was the high price of implementation of digital document workflow solutions for small businesses. The participants complained about the difficulties with getting the required documents needed to get investments and close deals as well as to export digital services.

The representatives of startups operating in the digital agriculture sector are concerned, among other things, about access to the information of ministries and government agencies, such as the Federal Service of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Rosgidromet). Working with government agencies is made even harder by incomplete laws and regulations in some areas, SME representatives believe.

As reported by TASS