Russia Has Lots of Opportunities to Develop Digital Economy

15 february 2018

The Analytical Center hosted a discussion about the technological solutions used in other countries to promote the digitization of the economy.

Opening the event, Tatiana Eferina, the Head of the Department for Monitoring of the Analytical Center, noted that in January 2018 a number of new priorities were picked for the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program: digital healthcare, education, transport and logistics, energy sector, agriculture, the financial sector, public administration, e-trade and smart cities.

Experts talked about strategies, approaches as well as specific examples and cases involving the deployment of various technological solutions. In their opinion Russia has a lot of opportunities to promote electronic trade, digital healthcare, public administration and agriculture. The most important thing is to find the right way to implement projects, the analysts think.

It would make sense to start the introduction of digital technologies by listing all the opportunities for digitization, the experts believe. When doing that it should be taken into account that in theory a list like that could be endless, so initially, once all the documents have been collected, discussions have been held and social and economic benefits have been analyzed, it is important to only focus on those areas that are most relevant for the country at the moment. It is also important to describe the desired outcomes and benefits for the economy and the public.

The experts are certain that the creation of an ecosystem for the integration of digital technologies with the economy in Russia made it important to check every proposal and initiative against the goals of the State National Policy Strategy for the period through 2025.