Winners in the Contest “Best Information Analytics Tools – 2017” Have Been Decided

12 february 2018

The Analytical Center has hosted a meeting of the jury for the Contest “Best Information Analytics Tools – 2017”. The organizing committee reported on the preliminary results of the contest that were formed based on the results of the expert group's work.

Igor Ivanov, advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center, made a presentation showing the preliminary results of the contest. He announced the finalists in each of the six nominations, ranked in descending order concerning the integral estimates made by the experts. On average, 8 experts evaluated each application, followed by the derivation of integral estimates according to the accepted competitive procedure. The final's ranking was suggested according to these estimates. In general, the jury supported the preliminary results obtained, although the discussions still remained. The competition was tough and additional criteria had to be applied due to the proximity of the estimates in a number of cases.

As a result, the jury members approved the winners in each of the contest nominations, and decided to award some tools with special prizes.

The winners will be announced at the final Conference “Information Analytics Tools in Public Administration” on March 6, 2018. The ceremonial distribution of diplomas and prizes will be held there.

During the jury session, Anatoly Karpenko, the Deputy Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center, presented a study called “Information Analytics Tools in Public Authorities of the Russian Federation”.

The study was conducted based on the results of the survey, in which 707 respondents participated—49 federal and 658 regional executive authorities. The survey was conducted for collecting and summarizing information on the use of information analytics tools in federal and regional public authorities, as well as evaluating the results of the 2016 contest.

Special project of the Analytical Center and PC Week, the general information partner of the contest