New mechanisms are needed for managing supplementary vocational education

12 february 2018

The new bulletin on the state of education in Russia is devoted to supplementary vocational education and concludes a two-year series of bulletins on the reform of the Russian education system, according to Analytical Center experts.

In their opinion, the quality of the country's human resources potential is a key factor in its global competitiveness so the international trend towards developing a system of continuous education for the public aims not only to deploy mechanisms for improving the professional competencies in response to changing market demand and technological progress but also to better respond to the ever increasing pace of change and unpredictability of the transformations occurring in the market.

It is impossible to train new generation human resources with a modern continuous education model, in which a key element is a system of supplementary vocational education, the analysts are sure.

The experts note that innovations in supplementary education not only ensure that people get exactly the training that are most in demand in the market, helping them refine the required competencies, but also offer new opportunities for getting training in new professions. At the same time, analysis of the outcomes of the reform of the education system suggests that so far the reform has been rather uncoordinated and haphazard as a result of lack of a coherent strategy for the development of a continuous education system.

Availability of additional professional education is increasing but there are still only a limited number of private resources engaged in it, the specialists note. The view of this education system in business and the economy remains very conservative with the result that there is a lot of inertia in how it's being developed and modern requirements often get ignored. The experts are sure there is a very real need to create new mechanisms for managing the additional professional education system.

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