Communication within the Council has a positive impact on the quality of open data

6 february 2018

A meeting of the Open Data Council reviewed the selective assessment of the quality of open data published by various government agencies.

The selective expert assessment established beyond a shadow of a doubt that the quality of open data sets published by various government agencies generally tends to be quite poor. Only 3 out of 9 government agencies whose data sets were looked at, namely the Healthcare Ministry, the Ministry for Natural Resources and the Federal Agency for Forestry, publish open data sets that meet all the relevant technical requirements. All the others publish data sets that require additional manual processing before they can be used in any meaningful way. In addition, many do not have any statistics on how their data are being used such as: the number of downloads or the number of views.

"The general conclusion is that those government bodies that have coordinated their internal plans with the Council on average tend to have more relevant data sets than the others. The issue of the quality of data sets is one of our top priorities and it depends on such factors as the degree of automation employed by the data supplier as well as user discipline in the use of information systems. Automation does not always guarantee that the entire data set will be disclosed because sometimes the source simply may not have that data. What this means, essentially, is that open data act as a kind of a mirror for the demand that actually exists for specific information systems," believes Analytical Center expert Mikhail Parfentyev.

The Minister for Open Government Issues of the Russian Federation Mikhail Abyzov believes that no digital economy is possible without disclosure of data. The minister is also of the opinion that as part of the project to digitize the monitoring and supervision activities a situation should be provided for where data are collected on the ground and then entered into information systems.

It should be reminded that in late January Analytical Center experts released a new rating for the publication of open data by public authorities in Q4, 2017. The material notes that the total number of data set views on the open data portal of the Russian Federation has exceeded 3.5 million while the number of downloads has gone over 136,000 while 80% of the federal data sets are in need of updating.

Photo: the Open Government website