Leaders and strategy are needed to develop monotowns

28 december 2017

"A prerequisite condition that must be met if we want to solve the problems of monotowns is that we have a clear development strategy, well-defined goals and targets," said Analytical Center expert Nurali Rezvanov speaking at the 2017 investment forum in Yaroslavl.

According to the expert, no project can ever be implemented without leaders. Even if there is plenty of money and a good team, no project can really get off the ground without the special vibe that a good leader contributes.

Speaking about investments, Mr Rezvanov noted that these days everyone and their brother are always talking about investments at every meeting, everybody wants money but few can explain what they want to invest it in. The answer usually boils down to the following: just give us the money and we will figure out what to do with it, the expert concluded.

In his opinion, it is wrong to only count on the Monotown Development Foundation, as it is not just a big sack of money that never runs out no matter how much you draw from it. We need to learn to find financial resources, taking into account the fact that the country has 40 state programs and over two dozen federal priority programs and 27 state development institutions.

"It's good that when businesses come up with their own financing schemes for their projects they usually get some money in the bank, the some from the Monotown Development Foundation and some more from the state programs," Mr Rezvanov believes. "And on the whole they end up with efficient projects. It's a difficult task but it's something we won't be able to do without."

Mr Rezvanov said he was happy that the Yaroslavl Region did not regard monotowns as settlements doomed to subsistence existence. The expert pointed out the region had some really amazing projects.

Photo: from open sources