The Creation of a Common Natural Gas Market in the EAEU will Have a Positive Effect

15 december 2017

The Analytical Center in conjunction with the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Russian Natural Gas Association organized the panel discussion "Common Natural Gas Market within the EAEU: Realities and Prospects" as part of the XV International Forum Gas of Russia 2017.

The panel discussion was moderated by Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin. The participants in the panel and the moderator discussed the issues of creating a common natural gas market in the EAEU, including how to assess the effects of creating such a market and how trade should be organized in a common natural gas market.

Analytical Center expert Victoria Gimadi presented the report "Creating a Common Natural Gas Market in the Eurasian Economic Union: Discussion Issues." She noted that on the whole having a common natural gas market would have a positive effect, however, in order to achieve these positives a lot of barriers would have to be removed, which are related to both the existing restrictions on the trade of natural gas between EAEU member states (based on the number of players that can buy and sell natural gas) and the need to create new rules of the game.

"The new rules would deal with the need to introduce market pricing and non-discriminatory access to gas transportation systems for all the member states and natural gas exchanges," Ms. Gimadi believes.

Photo: from open sources