New technologies are needed to develop distributed generation

12 december 2017

"Adoption of distributed generation in Russia depends, first of all, on the development of technologies," said Analytical Center expert Irina Pominova, speaking at the meeting on the Implementation of Innovative Projects in Distributed Generation in Cheboksary.

Irina Pominova made a presentation on Distributed Generation in Russia, its Prospects, Unique Features and the Barriers it's Facing. Speaking about the future of distributed generation in Russia she highlighted two ways that it can be developed: as part of a centralized grid (with preference being given to big companies) and as part of decentralized grids (with preference being given to isolated consumers and remote territories).

Ms. Pominova cited assessments for the allocation of the distributed generation in Russia at the current stage and identified the barriers holding it back from developing further. "These barriers include problems with technologies and regulations; the latter includes a lack of generally accepted termbase, excessive restrictions and the fact that it takes a very long time to get approval for new projects," the expert believes. In her opinion, the main barrier, however, is technology because the distributed generation implies that it must work in parallel with the centralized power grid.

Ms. Pominova believes that the development and introduction of new technologies, and specifically smart grid infrastructure, will help promote the adoption of distributed generation based both on renewable sources and on the use of organic fuel.

Photo: from open sources