Public transport undergoes IT-revolution

5 december 2017

"Information technologies are influencing the relations between people, state and business significantly reconstructing the existing processes. The transport sphere experiences revolution. The most striking example is taxi, which has dramatically changed over the last 3 years; similar processes are witnessed in the public transport", Alexander Malakhov, expert of the Analytical Center declared in his speech as a moderator of the discussion "Digital Services. How Public Transport Becomes Personalized" at the Urban Transport International Salon of Innovations.

During the discussion, representatives of public authorities, major carriers, scientists and software developers discussed how public transport was changed with the development of advanced information and communication technologies, how it became more personalized and information-intensive.

According to the expert of the Analytical Center, the transport IT revolution covers both interaction with passengers as clients (information services, wire transfer systems, travel planning) and internal processes (automated systems, mobility plan compiling, and big data analysis). The public transport is globally changing: new service lines appear such as aggregators and car sharing.

"The trend of creating platforms and ecosystems rather than individual solutions is also worth mentioning", Malakhov pointed out. "So, we are moving to single information structure for transport."

Although, the Digital Economy state program does not include the transport, it is so important to likely be included to the program later.

Alexander Malakhov proposed to add eco-driving analytics to the car sharing services and to introduce a bonus system. Eco-driving allows saving fuel and lubricants and may reduce expenses significantly, the expert considers.