Urban train project requires increased attention to comfort and safety of the passengers

30 november 2017

Alexey Safronov, Expert of the Analytical Center, participated in the expert discussion on the development of transport infrastructure, in particular, the construction of transport hubs. The discussion was held at the Urban Transport International Salon of Innovations. "Given that improvement of comfort and reduction of time lost during transfer requires additional investments, the choice between comfort and economy is made in favor of economy, if only discomfort of passengers does not result in financial losses of an entity responsible for configuration of the transport hub," - noted Mr. Safronov. Furthermore, according to him, if there is a disinterested party among organizers of change from one transport to another – comfort would not be provided.

The expert also highlighted the activities to ensure safe change from railroad transport to other urban transports, which has become particularly relevant in the context of plans to establish an urban train system in Moscow. It should be kept in mind that there is certain critical level of discomfort when people en masse start breaking the rules, supposes Mr. Safronov. The less comfortable the overhead crossing is, the more people rush to the other side right across the railway tracks. "If we forget about comfort while designing safety measures, we will not achieve safety," - the expert stated.

Alexey Safronov analyzed several negative examples of engineering solutions implemented in design of passages and crossings that failed to provide comfort or safety to the passengers. Among the reasons are no interrelations between the passengers comfort and income of the decision makers, discordance in interactions of those responsible, and conflict between real and stated objectives (for example, between formal compliance with legal requirements and ensuring the transport safety). "Taking the negative experience into account will help to avoid mistakes in design of new transport hubs when implementing the urban train project," - concluded Safronov.

Photo: Urban Transport website