Open Discussion of Regulatory Control and IT Infrastructure of Digital Economy

28 november 2017

Action Plans in the fields of IT Infrastructure and Regulatory Control under the Program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” were posted on the Federal Portal of Draft Normative and Legal Acts, where public discussions are held. Proposals and comments on the documents can be submitted before December 11.

Competence centers and work groups participated in preparing the plans. Documents contain several dozens of specific proposals designed to facilitate business in the conditions of developing digital economy.

The Program “Digital Economy” was developed in compliance with the list of instructions from the President of Russia for implementing the message to the Federal Assembly, and approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 28, 2017. The Program defines the goals, objectives, areas and timeframe for implementing the basic state policy to create much needed conditions for the development of digital economy in Russia, where digital data is a key industrial factor in all fields of social and economic life. Currently, there are 5 areas: regulatory control, HR and education, IT infrastructure, IT security, establishing research competences and technological pool.

Discuss action plan for IT Infrastructure 

Discuss action plant for Regulatory Control

Photo: from open sources