Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the Analytical Center and the Russian Export Center

27 november 2017

Today, at the International Export Forum, the heads of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center have signed a cooperation agreement. The document entails cooperation in the analysis of the export environment and identification of the export trade barriers.

Among other things, the agreement provides for the development of a methodology for calculating a number of indices to assess the current state of foreign economic activities of the Russian Federation, export performance of Russian companies, and their willingness to increase participation in foreign economic activity.

This summer, the Russian Export Center and the Analytical Center have established the Marketing Analytics Center, which mainly focuses on studying the conditions for export-related activities in Russia. The MAC experts carry out polls among Russian exporting companies, hold round tables, seminars, expert discussions and focus groups. The work is aimed at identifying existing export barriers and developing proposals to address these barriers.

The first results suggest two key groups of problems that hinder the development of export activities. First, it is a lack of awareness among Russian exporters of the conditions of access to external markets and of existing state support measures. And the need for training both exporters and executives involved in export-related activities, related as well to the constant modification of the Russian legislation in the field of foreign economic activities and of the regulatory framework of the EEU economic union.

The agreement will help experts to formulate proposals on improving the state export promotion policy.