Subsidies to Purchase Electric Cars will Promote Electric Transport

21 november 2017

"Today, it is necessary to understand what steps are required to develop the charging infrastructure: to adopt administrative incentives, introduce changes into the building regulations, the traffic rules of the power market,” Ms. Victoria Gimadi, the Head of the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center said at the opening of the round table "Measures to support the construction of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Russia."

"Currently, the load at charging stations is about 1%, which indicates a small number of cars," Mr. Alexander Mitreikin, the Deputy Director of the Department for State Energy Policy of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation told. At the same time, introduction of changes to the existing regulatory and legal framework will not ease the situation and will not allow to actively develop the charging infrastructure, the expert thinks. "Now, we need to solve the main problem: which charging infrastructure developing model to choose? The global experience prompts that there are several ways: direct state subsidizing, infrastructure creation on account of electric car manufacturers of energy companies," Mr. Mitreikin told. The expert believes that a mixed model based on combining all variants will be suitable for Russia.

"To develop the charging infrastructure, it is important to arrange the interaction of electric grid companies with electric transport owners to attract co-financing and local governing authorities for state stimulation of the industry development," Mr. Gennadiy Sidenko, the Director of the Department of Organization and Reconstruction and Technical Development of Moscow United Power Grid Company, PJSC believes. Also, according to the expert, it is necessary to test the charging station network by placing such stations at parkings, which will provide access to them for private electric car owners.

"The distribution of electric transport is possible only with introduction of subsidies to buy electric cars", Ms. Iya Gordeeva, CEO of AuditEnergo Group, LLC thinks. Also, the expert believes that a good incentive will include free use of lanes for route vehicles and city transport, free parkings, reduced tariffs for toll roads, establishment of a mandatory share of electric vehicles for publicly owned organizations, and cancellation of transport tax and import levies.

The participants of the discussion also considered different ways to assess the cost of creating a chain of charging stations and possible ways to financing it. The specialists noted that it was necessary to establish the charging infrastructure at building surrounding grounds and to simplify the procedure for land allocation and execution of approval documents when constructing such projects.