Expert: We Have a Lot to Learn From Regions

2 november 2017

"Many regions have been using project management tools in the development and implementation of state programs for several years, and we have a lot to learn from their experience," said the expert of the Analytical Center Tatiana Gorovaya in her speech at the seminar "State Programs: Best Russian and World Practices". "There is no doubt that their success is achieved primarily due to the involvement of the country's top officials, which immediately eliminates the problem of ineffective interdepartmental cooperation."

In her report "Regional Experience in the Use of Project Management Tools in Implementing State Programs", Gorovaya mentioned that performance based bonuses for civil servants, transparent KPI and moral encouragement system increased the interest of civil servants in initiating and implementing projects.

"Of course, the state civil service law and the current legal framework impose a number of restrictions, but it doesn't prevent regions from developing their own criteria and incentive measures; for example, in Belgorod and Yaroslavl regions," said the expert.

She gave several examples of successful solutions. For instance, with the real-time monitoring of the implementation of state programs, it is necessary to ensure the information is relevant. In Moscow, this is achieved through the integration of several information systems, which makes it possible to, virtually on-line, monitor the progress of state program activities such as the implementation of state tasks, the provision of social support measures, contracting obligations, etc. 

Prompt decisions often require a transfer of funds between several state program activities. To that end, some regions provide for the possibility of carrying out such transfers without amending the federal budget law, and that significantly saves time for decision-making and the implementation of specific actions to equalize the situation.