Experts Discussed the Innovative Development Program of Russian Railways

1 november 2017

The Analytical Center hosted an expert meeting in order to discuss the innovative development program of Russian Railways. The issues the discussion focused on included updating the technologies and infrastructure used by the holding as well as its research and development activities.

The innovative development program comprises over 200 unique innovative projects including IT systems, technologies for diagnostics of infrastructure facilities and software solutions that reduces transaction costs and other areas.

"Today Russian Railways prioritizes quality and efficiency in both cargo carriage and passenger services through broader employment of information technologies and business intelligence systems in its operations as well as through upgrading its rolling stock," noted Nikolai Sevastyanov, Head of the Department for Strategic Consulting and Investment Analysis of the Analytical Center, who was moderating the discussion.

Participants expressed opinions on prioritizing projects, the prospects of the program, the operational and financial risks involved as well as expected economic effects during their implementation. The Analytical Center experts believe that the most in demand projects aimed at improving the quality of service at Russian Railways are those that aim to deploy technologies to automate production processes and the rail service in general.