The Ministry of Energy of Russia Leads in the Integrated Rating

16 october 2017

Analytical Center experts have prepared a new rating of Open Data Publications by Public Authorities in Q3 2017.

As part of the analysis the experts found that the total number of views of the data sets available on the open data portal of the Russian Federation exceeded 2.5 million while the number of downloads went over 115 thousand. However, 81.35% of the federal data sets require updating of their data files.

As for the leaders of the rating, they have not changed. "For the entire period of monitoring, the absolute leader in terms of the amount of published data sets is the Federal State Statistics Service. The Ministry of Industry and Trade published 27 new data sets this past quarter, allowing it to reach 4th place in the rating for the quarter," the experts write.

Analysis of the demand for data sets in terms of the total number of downloads found that the three leading government agencies on this count are: the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Federal State Statistics Service and the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.

The experts also compared the publishing activity and demand for specific data sets, which allowed them to find out that the leaders in the number of published data sets do not always take the top of the ratings in terms of their demand. Of the top 10 government agencies in terms of the number of published data sets, no federal executive authority made it into the 10 top in terms of the most sought-after data sets in Q3 2017 (unlike Q2, 2017).‑‑

In order to get an overall figure special attention in the study is paid to the integrated rating based on all the indicators. According to the experts, the integrated rating suggests that the Ministry of Energy was the absolute leader throughout the entire period under consideration. At the same time in Q3 the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Federal Tax Service, which had moved up from the 9th and 14th places to the 2nd and 3rd places in the previous quarter, stayed in the top 5 of the rating this time around. In the past two quarters the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade increased the share of its up-to-date data sets by a factor of 2.5 (from 17.65% to 45.12%), while the Federal Tax Service saw the number of downloads of its data sets go up 13 times (from 512 to 6927).

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