Expert: The Role of Goods for Children is Essential in Human Development in the 21st Century

11 october 2017

"A lot can be said about the skills that will be in demand in the future, digital technologies, new ways of interaction but the industry of children's goods is what determines and preserves that cultural and historical code that's been created and carried forward through the traditions of our people as they create the environment that our kids grow up in," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at the Goods for Children Industry Congress that was held in Moscow in late September.

A the moment the Russian industry of children's goods is growing: for the past two years the market for children's goods has been expanding at 5% per year while output has gone up 20% with the share of domestically manufactured goods within the country has approached 1/3. In addition, there is growth in such promising areas as goods for children designed around Russian animated characters and children's goods for exports.

"The changes we're seeing today in education can be explained by the faster pace of change in our environment," Ms. Karakchieva believes. "That means not only new technologies but also new ways of interaction, including types of economic and social relationships."

Successful adaptation to changes requires a different level of adaptation, which was previously not required of the individual. "It is important to develop the creativity of young people, their willingness to cooperate and quickly respond to changes, develop in them the ability to manage themselves and tackle new complex challenges," Ms. Karakchieva is convinced. "That's why the role that children's goods play in the development of the skills for the future is so important." 1515

Currently the majority of the products and services used in education in our country are made abroad and obviously changes are needed in the state regulation in this area. The role of children's goods in skills development covers a wide range of issues. It is not only education but also comfort and quality of life in general.

"Public awareness of affordable and quality goods and services offered by the domestic children's goods industry is very limited," the expert noted. "Even in Moscow it's less than 2% and in the regions it's even lower." 

Participants in the Congress discussed the emergence of a new quality of goods and services for children to a whole new level. The business program of the congress included 16 thematic activities devoted to the various ways of development of industrial productions and promotion of children's goods, state support measures for manufacturers, introduction of modern digital technologies, development of manufacture of toys for physically and developmentally challenged children, the use of the global success of Russian animation brands, exports, taking advantage of the potential of new media and modern digital services.