The project management office will try and smooth out the differences in how the state and business view the digital economy

27 september 2017

The Analytical Center has hosted a strategy session for entities participating in the development of action plans for the Digital Economy program. The event focused on issues of methodological and informational support.

"The program is managed in the following manner: first the autonomous NGO Digital Economy coordinates the efforts of work groups and competency centers, representing the interests of business and creating the initial content for the action plans. In the next stage the sub-commission for the digital economy in conjunction with federal executive bodies and the project management office must integrate the action plans and drafts of the program into the state governance system," First deputy head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko said as he opened the session.

By September 29 the work groups have to have compiled and coordinated the action plans and submitted them for review to the competency centers. Then, according to the schedule, the action plans are to be approved by federal executive bodies and the project management office by mid-October and after that they will be submitted for approval to the sub-commission.

Mr. Onischenko reminded of the 3 main directions of the project management office in the program implementation management system: these are methodological support of the development and implementation of the action plans, analytical support of key projects as well as the strategic and communication function, which involves organizing and holding activities, monitoring global trends, researching international experience etc. "It's important to find examples of successful implementation of projects and tell people about them so the government will have a clear understanding of where the resources are going while business and the public can see the benefits of implementing the program," Mr. Onischenko believes.

The earliest opportunity to discuss the action plans for the implementation of the program will be at the Open Innovations International Forum that will feature several sessions devoted to the development of a digital economy.