Regional authorities perceive the implementation of state programs in different ways

21 september 2017

"Unfortunately, in some regions of the Russian Federation, state programs are still only a format for reporting data on budget expenditures, being imposed from above. They have never become an effective tool for achieving strategic goals and priorities," says Marina Paladich, expert of the Analytical Center, at the roundtable discussion "Strategic Planning and Project Management at the Level of Regions of the Russian Federation and Municipal Formations."

Ms. Paladich noted that, at the same time, approaches to the formation and management procedures for state programs implementation, being introduced by individual regions, often appeared to be more successful and promising than those existing at the federal level.

The expert believes that the formation and implementation of regional state programs in a number of cases are hampered by excessive requirements imposed by the federal center.

Ms. Paladich also spoke about the possibilities of methodological interconnection of projects and state programs:  "Taking into account the development of project management in the regions, the issues of the full-fledged introduction of projects in the state programs of the subjects of the Russian Federation acquire special urgency. However, a clear mechanism for linking the elements of the program-targeted and project management has not been fully elaborated yet, even at the federal level. At the same time, some regions have already gained practical experience in integrating the elements of project activities into state programs."

The roundtable was organized by the Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation in cooperation with R.O.S.T.U LLC.

Picture from open sources