The Analytical Center became the project management office for the implementation of the Digital Economy of Russia program

29 august 2017

Under the Russian government's resolution No 1030 dated August 28, 2017 "On the Management System for the Implementation of the program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation was tasked with acting as the project management office for the implementation of this program.

The functions of the Analytical Center in this field include a number of major areas, one of which is supporting the activities of the sub-commission for digital economy of the governmental commission for the use of information technologies to improve the quality of life and the conditions for doing business.

An important function of the project management office will be the assessment of draft action plans and proposals for how to meet the targets of the program, achieve all key milestones, implement its objectives as well as assessment of methodological recommendations.

The office will also be in charge of monitoring the implementation of the action plans of the program and preparing analytical materials on its progress, organizing expert discussions and providing methodological support for the implementation of the program as well as creating digital communication systems for the participants in the program and keeping the public abreast of its progress through mass media outlets.

Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Evgeniy Kislyakov has been appointed head of the project management office.

At the moment, work is already underway to organize the project office as an organizational unit in the overall management system for the Digital Economy of Russia program, support the work of the sub-commission, develop draft methodological documents, participate in the development of action plans aimed at achieving the goals of the program, select a software solution for the digital interaction between the participants.

The Analytical Center has all the requisite competencies and experience to implement the functionality of a project management office. It has accreditation as a regional certification center for the voluntary project management certification system standard. Today, the Analytical Center already serves as the project management office for the Reform of Control and Supervision priority program.