Is Russia ready for digital economy?

28 june 2017

"The importance and relevance of digital economy in the world is doubtless. It is therefore important for Russia to understand what measures are required for the development of digital economy," the first deputy head of the Analytical Center, Vladislav Onishchenko said during opening the round-table "Is Russia ready for the digital economy?"

During the event, the experts provided interim results of the study "Russia's Current Readiness for Digital Economy" on the basis of draft methodology for such assessment.

According to the Coordinator of the World Bank programs, Alla Morrison, rapid development of a new generation of transformational digital technologies, like data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, presents countries an opportunity to accelerate economic growth. However, coordinated efforts by governments and private sector are required to enable inclusive growth that will not leave behind any vulnerable groups of citizens. "Digital Economy Country Assessment aims to give a country a holistic perspective of its current readiness for digital transformation by covering a wide range of areas related to digital economy and its foundations, including affordable high-speed connectivity, digitally savvy human capital, efficient shared platforms, data flows, and cyberhygene," the expert reported. Such assessment is necessary for a country to establish a baseline for measuring progress, to understand key barriers to digital adoption and to help guide targeted interventions in areas of the digital ecosystem that need changes.

"The methodology also aims at establishing the maturity of the country's digital economy, identifying key gaps, challenges and opportunities, identifying directions in key areas that may enhance national economic growth," the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Information Society Development Institute, Yuri Khokhlov noted. According to the expert, the methodology consists of the readiness assessment of key bases for development of digital economy, a comparative analysis of the current state and assessment of the impact on socio-economic development.

The event was carried out jointly by the Analytical Center, the World Bank, and the Information Society Development Institute.