Successful development of territories requires energy infrastructure with growth reserves

26 june 2017

"It is not for the first year the Analytical Center turns to the issue of integration of industrial and energy policy; they are inseparable," says an expert of the Analytical Center Mr. Evgeny Gasho during the opening of the round-table "Energy and Industrial Policy: Combining Efforts, Developing Territories." The round-table organized by the Analytical Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy took place within the framework of the 5th Forum of Technological Development Technoprom.

Mr. Gasho believes that successful development of the territories is impossible without efficient energy infrastructure with sufficient growth reserves. Then again, it is essential for the energy industry to know the targets of regions to establish such development reserves, to build sources and networks that make maximum use of capabilities of the domestic industry. This balance is the key to sustainable development. If the energy-saving and waste-based technologies are to be relied upon as much as possible, the pressure on the environment will be reduced, which is essential for many of our cities and large enterprises, the expert specified.

The participants discussed such issues as correlation of state energy and industrial policies to ensure effective spatial development; establishment of fuel and energy complexes and energy industrial complexes as well as development of export energy infrastructure that stimulates development of the eastern regions of the country; new electrification of the country based on breakthrough and priority technologies in consumption, centralized and distributed generation using non-carbon energy resources and intellectualization of power systems; improvement of energy efficiency in industrial policy.