Renovation Must Become the Basis for Revitalization

20 june 2017

"Environment is a backbone of a city, and it is important not to disrupt the fragile ecosystem of the metropolis by renovation, but, on the contrary, develop environmental framework elements of the capital city, test and actively implement energy-efficient and waste-free technology in new districts. All the more so, as other Russian regions currently look at Moscow in this respect and it is planned to replicate the capital's experience," said Mr. Evgeny Gasho, an expert for the Analytical Center, when moderating the Environment and Renovation round table in the Parliament Center of Moscow.

The renovation is a hot topic of recent months. While most legal aspects and issues of ownership right protection and guarantees to residents have been solved, now it is time to think of environmental aspects.

"Changes in the country's economy, especially in Moscow, are obvious and we must find together a new mechanism for reaching a new development level," thinks Mr. Gasho. "The renovation must become the basis for the revitalization, new living standards of the metropolis."

The discussion took place within the Moscow Civil Forum and gathered around 100 participants: ecologists, constructors, representatives of authorities, and public figures.