Waste Incineration Has its Drawbacks

6 june 2017

In February 2017, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a set of documents the implementation of which will lead to establishment of power generation industry based on incineration of household solid waste in Russia, the experts of the Analytical Center write in the energy bulletin "Energy Disposal of Household Solid Waste."

The problems accumulated in the sphere of household waste management in large cities and agglomerations in Russia, primarily in Moscow and the Moscow oblast, required a search for the most rapid solution which is incineration for energy production, analysts say. The main advantages of this solution are its relative simplicity and the brief period of time it takes to configure appropriate processes. However, waste incineration and the chosen support mechanism are not free from shortcomings, experts believe. So, waste incineration comes with harmful emissions into the atmosphere and formation of toxic ash, which requires unfailing implementation of measures to prevent ecological damage to the environment and human health. As to the support mechanism, it raises fair questions among industrial power consumers, which will bear the main burden of solving a problem not related to them.

One example: On 7th March, 2017, the territory of priority social and economic development "Neftekhimicheskiy" was established by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Territory. The main project will be the construction of a refinery and petrochemical plant. Petrochemical products will be mainly exported to the APR countries, primarily to China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, where, however, it will face high competition due to a reduction in consumption growth rates and an increase in domestic petrochemical capacity. Produced petrochemicals will be used to meet domestic demand in the region. Their competitiveness will depend on the cost of production in comparison with other refineries in the market in the region, experts believe.

For more detail see the bulletin "Energy Disposal of Household Solid Waste."

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