The Analytical Center Announces the Start of the "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) contest

1 june 2017

The 4th annual professional project management contest "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) kicks off on 1st June. Participants from Russia and other former USSR states will be able to compete in more than 10 different categories.

"We have taken the next step in expanding the contest," said the head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center Iliya Vinokurov. "In 2017, the "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) will be open not only to state organizations but also to businesses, which we expect will be very interesting, seeing how so far it has been the conventional wisdom that private companies set all the trends in project management while the public sector simply follows suite. Now representatives of the public and private sector will be able to go head to head on a level playing field to prove who can use project management better in practice."

This year the pool of contest assessors is also bigger; these are project management professionals that carry out independent assessment of the projects submitted to the contest. "The number of applications is on the rise and if we had not increased the number of our assessors they simply could not be able to review all of them; every application must be thoroughly reviewed, negotiations must be held with the applicant, which sometimes means a trip to the other end of the country. So this year, we are increasing our pool of assessors by a factor of 1.5," said the Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Pavel Shestopalov.

The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation has been holding the "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) contest since 2014. Every year the contest gets support from the administration of the government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Economic Development, the Ministry for Communications, the Ministry for Trade and a number of industry organizations. In 2017, the contest's partners also include the Ministry for Sports, the Bank of Russia, the Savings Bank and Rosatom. The foreign partners include the Economic Research Institute of the Economic Ministry of Belarus, the Ministry for National Economic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Center for Public-Private Partnership.

Traditionally, the results will be announced at the conference that will take place on 22-23rd November, 2017.

For more details, see the website of the contest.