The New Environmental Protection Mechanism Must be Based on the Best Available Technologies

29 may 2017

"If investments in the modernization of industry and the economy are not getting recouped, that means something is wrong with the proposed economic payback model," said Analytical Center expert Evgeniy Gasho speaking at the 8th Nevsky International Ecological Congress.

At the round-table devoted to the harmonization of the international approaches to the introduction of the best available technologies (BAT), the expert talked about his vision for the new BAT-based environmental protection mechanism, which, in his opinion, takes into account the current state of industry, the experience of the best performing companies, bringing into alignment the technological and energy performance indicators, on the one hand, and the environmental parameters and regional variability on the other. However, it is also important to remember about the significant role played by the human factor in this process, a fact reflected in the information policy, energy and environmental management of companies, Mr. Gasho believes.

"The Analytical Center has published a report on the minimal energy consumption standards for some types of equipment as an effective mechanism for ensuring energy efficiency in the industrial policy and, working in conjunction with a large number of experts, prepared a draft cross-sectoral reference on ways to improve energy efficiency when conducting business," Mr. Gasho said. The draft relies on the best domestic experience in energy conservation in industry and has been made available for public discussions.

Photo from open sources