Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 competition will feature new nominations

25 may 2017

The Analytical Center has held the first expert panel which was part of the “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017” competition to discuss the competition procedure. In her opening address, deputy director of the Analytical Center Galina Chinarikhina declared that the organizing committee is pleased with the results of the competition which received a keen response from the authorities, including those that had not previously taken part in it. The jury in this year’s competition will be enlarged due to more representatives of ministries and government agencies joining.

Head of St Petersburg’s Petrograd district Ivan Gromov believes that “a clause providing a more detailed description of what tasks the information and analytical solutions presented are designed to solve, what specific functions they can practically help us fulfill needs to be introduced into the methodology.

Deputy Head of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography Andrey Pridankin also confirmed that there is interest in finding a practical use for the software solutions presented at competition.

“I must note that the products presented in the finals of the past year’s competition were quite advanced and elaborated. This year it is worth paying closer attention to instruments helpful in sociological research and the Internet use, because there is not enough of those,” suggested chairman of the St Petersburg IT and Communications Committee Denis Chamara.

Vice-President of the pan-Russian NGO “Opora Rossii” Natalia Ushakova expressed her hope that this competition will bring together a larger number of participating regions, noting that “We would like to see more information and analytical solutions helpful in implementation of social projects.”

Members of the expert panel have also introduced other proposals regarding improvement of the methodology, which, according to the Deputy Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Anatoly Karpenko, “is not in any fundamental way different from the one used last year, has already been tested, showing good result”. Mr. Karpenko called the attention of the participants to the fact that the list of nominations has been fully revised, since it is unlikely that over the past year new, tested instruments from the last year’s competition nominations have appeared.

Mr.Karpenko also announced that two tutorial seminars for potential participants in the competition are planned for the summer, while the official bidding and selection will take place in September-first half October.

15th May, 2017 - Analytical Center announces launch of competition “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017"