Experts Discuss Development of Smart Grid in Russia

17 may 2017

"Recently, there's been a lot of talks about what should be the priorities of the Russian energy sector, but everyone seems to agree that it needs to take advantage of modern smart technologies," Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin said as he opened a round-table to discuss the plan to implement the national project Smart National Grid.

A concept and an integrated road-map for Russia's transition to a smart grid have already been developed. Ivan Ivanov, the CEO of AO National Power Engineering Center, noted that a lot of industry experts took part in the work, creating a very relevant document as a result. "It is important to sort out the issue of a high level of dependency on foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment," Mr. Ivanov believes.

Roman Neustupkin, the Technical Director of National Power Engineering Center, added, that the main goal envisioned for the project by its authors is the creation of a nation-wide technology platform and a standardization program for smart grid technologies.

The first deputy chair of the State Duma's Committee for Energy Sergey Yesyakov noted that consumers are playing an ever increasing role in the industry. Mr. Yesyakov said that one priority for improving the situation in the energy sector is development of the retail market, which should allow consumers to access auctions and give them more control over the prices. "And in this situation it is a smart national grid that becomes a very important trend that the future of the industry belongs to," Mr. Yesyakov stressed.

The energy sector's very slowing adapting to the latest global trends, there's also some  problems with getting consumers more engaged with the energy market, believes Georgy Kutovoy, expert from the Corporate Power Engineering Institute. Mr. Kutovoyis of the opinion that a regulation should be developed on active consumer participation in all the electric power production and distribution processes.

During the discussion the experts talked about creating a coordination project management system and a financing mechanism as well as development of educational programs in smart energy technologies, giving structure to the mechanisms used for the implementation for the project and measures to ensure cyber security.