Analytical Center announces launch of competition “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017"

15 may 2017

The Analytical Center for the Russian Government announces the launch of the competition “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017". The similar competition held in 2016 showed the strong interest for such tools, and it was decided to turn this competition into an annual event and a platform for identifying and dissemination of competitive analytical intelligence tools needed in the state sector.

“Each ministry has a set of analytical instruments of its own which help it to make decisions for each specific sector of economy; it is, however, unclear whether these instruments are the best for tackling problems. The goal of the Competition is to identify the best developers and products of best quality and best properties,” says the president of the Competition jury, Director of the Department of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Government Vladislav Fedulov.

Competition-2017 starts May 15 and ends in January 2018. This period will be required for the panel of experts and the jury to select, analyze and decide which domestic and foreign software products are best for boosting the efficiency of managerial decision-making within the state sector. The results of the Competition will be announced at the closing conference on January 24, 2018, along with the awards ceremony.

All through the year expert gatherings will be held in the framework of the Competition, giving experts a chance to discuss the most efficient technological platforms, analytical solutions and instruments, all serving to improve the quality of governance. The first event will be held as soon as May 24 – and that will be to discuss the competition procedures, the list of nominations, the procedure and guidelines for evaluation of competitive applications.

A report containing a description of competing products and solutions was prepared based on the results of the competition and will be sent to IT departments of various authorities, though analytical departments, situation centers, project officers and companies of a variety of profiles may also find it helpful.

The competition receives traditional support from the federal and regional authorities, professional associations and media.