Ministries Choose Pilot Supervision Projects for Audit

28 april 2017

The Analytical Center has hosted a discussion of proposals on which types of monitoring (supervision) to include in the list of types of supervision for which audits of reliability, completeness, and accuracy of data sources are to be conducted in 2017.

Analytical Center expert Semyon Volchkov noted that in March 2017 the Analytical Center and the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia held an initial meeting to discuss the approaches to auditing the reliability, completeness and accuracy of data sources used when estimating performance and efficiency. After the event, the ministries began preparing their proposals on which types of monitoring (supervision) to put on the audit list for 2017.

"Every supervisory authority must choose several pilot types of supervision and start developing an algorithm for them. At the moment, only a handful of ministries have completed that task," Mr. Volchkov said. The Transport Supervision Agency is developing 3 types of supervision (aviation, road and rail transport), the Federal Customs Service is working on customs supervision, the Federal Taxation Service is working on taxation supervision and the Labor Protection Service is working on ways to ensure adherence to labor laws. The Ministry for Emergencies of Russia has picked fire safety supervision as their pilot project, the Healthcare Supervision Agency is working on methods to supervise the sales of medications; these same ministries are also working on other pilot types of supervision.

The other ministries must choose types of supervision to audit ASAP, noted the Head of the State Regulation in the Economy Department of the Ministry for Economic Development Konstantin Nikitin. "At this stage we are just drafting parameters, forms and data that we need for our estimates. And it is important to understand that the parameters we plan to supervise are exhaustive," the expert said. In late May types of supervision (monitoring) must be determined for which the audits will be conducted, Mr. Nikitin explained.

In the second part of the meeting, the experts put forward proposals for defining such notions as completeness, accuracy and reliability of gathered data.

The event was held as part of the implementation of the priority program to reform the monitoring and supervision function and was part of a priority project aimed at verifying the reliability, exhaustiveness and accuracy of data sources used for calculating performance and efficiency indicators.